Monday Mindset: October 31, 2022

Growing up, I was picked on, bullied, ridiculed, made fun of, isolated, punished, and everything in between by my “peers.”

And that sucks because my home life was pretty damn good.

Over the years, I’ve learned to assess my worth and not let others diminish that worth. I’ve also vowed not to let another person feel how I felt.

And more importantly: I beat that drum with my children.

So, the mindset I want you to take into this week is that you are worthy and bring gifts and perspectives to life and the lives of others.

Leverage those gifts and perspectives to stand out.

Chris Mattison

Hi, I'm Chris: husband, father, fitness fanatic, geek, and coffee addict with close to 20 years of IT experience. I am a Salesforce Technical Architect on the #journeyToCTA.

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