Q4 2022 Goals Update: 4+2in3, CTA Academy and More

I always forget to post a quarterly goal update, but there are a few that are timely and relevant, even though we’re nearly a month into Q4…

I won’t meet my goal of getting into IBM’s CTA Academy in Q4. A prerequisite for acceptance is the Salesforce Certified Application and Systems Architect domain certifications, and I haven’t reached those milestones yet.

Speaking of the domain certifications, I will have availability in the upcoming months, and my goal is to spend that time focused on study and preparation. I’ve dubbed the strategy “4+2 in 3”: 4 Architecture certifications plus the two domain certifications (granted by completing the two remaining on each side of the “pyramid”) in 3 months.

…actually, I can cross one of the four off the list: I earned the Salesforce Certified Data Architect on 10/22.

I have the opportunity to write an internal blog at work starting in November; that’s pretty exciting! I plan to dual-post and share that message with you all.

That’s it for me right now, but tell me…

What are you working on for Q4? Please share in the comments where your focus will be for the rest of 2022!!

Chris Mattison

Hi, I'm Chris: husband, father, fitness fanatic, geek, and coffee addict with close to 20 years of IT experience. I am a Salesforce Technical Architect on the #journeyToCTA.

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