Monday Mindset: October 17, 2022

What’s holding you back?

The more important question is, how do you plan to address it?
Who can you speak with to help you gain clarity or perspective?
What can you read?
What courses can you take?
When are you going to start?
How will you work through the next roadblock?

How would your plan or behaviors change if none of the people reliant on your progress were around?

Today: take a long hard look at what’s going on in your life, assess how badly you want it, ask yourself the hard questions, make a plan and own it.

You are not stuck, and you are capable of complex things.

Go win the day!

Chris Mattison

Hi, I'm Chris: husband, father, fitness fanatic, geek, and coffee addict with close to 20 years of IT experience. I am a Salesforce Technical Architect on the #journeyToCTA.


  1. Tia R says:

    I would have to say what’s holding me back is just me. I have a tendency to take on too much at the same time and getting too overwhelmed to progress, so I’m a lot more careful about taking my time, pacing myself, and scheduling work more loosely so I can better focus on my studies. I had to address it by pulling on my own reins. I’m on my “Drive Slow, Homie” flow!

    1. I completely understand, Tia! I am the same way. The key is to learn when to say no, how to prioritize and truly understand what is important vs. what is perceived to be. It sounds like you have a handle on it: what’s been the key for you?

      1. That’s a huge part of it: saying ‘no’ more and being super selective about who I’ll work with and which projects I’ll take on as a freelance consultant. The other thing that helps is meditating and journaling. I had to stop and be still long enough to identify exactly what it is I want to achieve next, how I want my days to look, where I want to live, which industry I most enjoy working in, who I want to help/support/empower any why, and which skills, obstacles, and tasks I needed to master, overcome, or tackle to reach my goals. That was the only way I could hone in. Having so many skills and options can be overwhelming, but writing, mind-mapping, and lists are essential tools for me.

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