More Than A Gift…

“I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it (yeah)” – Ariana Grande
I am an incredibly difficult person to shop for…
I’m not big into brands or anything like that…but my wife once quoted Ariana when describing her difficulties in buying gifts for me.
I’ll buy certain things up to a certain price if it’s critical. We discuss the “expensive things” (I don’t really buy expensive things) or I’ll ask for those things as a gift for whatever upcoming holiday.
For Christmas this past year, I asked for a gaming keyboard (for work). The one I have is flat frustrating.
  • It doesn’t register certain keystrokes
  • It makes me want to bash it against my head every time the full word I typed doesn’t make it into a sentence.
I told my wife before Christmas that if I didn’t get said keyboard, I was going to buy it myself. It was that important to me…or so I thought.
Christmas came and went, and I did not receive the keyboard. A little birdy told me that my mother-in-law got me the keyboard.
Unfortunately, my mother-in-law was hospitalized on Christmas Eve. We all expected that she would be in there a week and then she’d come home to finish her recovery.
…boy was I wrong! I’ll spare the details, but the initial part of this journey took 4 months.
Throughout this ordeal, my wife offered to ask if it was OK…each time I declined.
As much of an inconvenience as that keyboard is, I could deal with it. As long as it meant that my mother-in-law would be able to come home, we’d celebrate Christmas as a family and she could give it to me.
She is now home with us. And I’m looking forward to sitting at my desk on Monday and using what is one of the most meaningful gifts I’ve ever received. 

Chris Mattison

Hi, I'm Chris: husband, father, fitness fanatic, geek, and coffee addict with close to 20 years of IT experience. I am a Salesforce Technical Architect on the #journeyToCTA.


  1. Lory says:

    Makes that keyboard all the more appreciated! I bet you would be hugging and kissing that keyboard frequently!

    1. I absolutely love it…but I love having her home even more!

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